Spirit is a freelance retoucher, digital creative and sometimes photographer. Her mother was a model who wound up behind the camera after her modeling career.  Spirit grew up in the dark room shaking photos in fix bath and later as an assistant in her mother's photo studio. 


In 2003 she moved to Los Angeles to go to FIDM as she was certain she wanted to be a fashion stylist. A friend showed her Photoshop and she was hooked. Spirit shifted gears from fashion to digital design and has never looked back. Photography & Art is definitely in her genes. She is inspired by the Surrealists especially Salvador Dali & Me´ret Oppenheim. 


Spirit earned her degree in Graphic Design but was obsessed with mastering Photoshop. She continued honing her skills by taking classes all over Los Angeles. She was in the perfect city to network & learn first hand from talented retouchers such as Lisa Carney, Dennis Dunbar, Ed Freeman & Colin Smith. At a UCLA photoshop class she met the instructor, Scott Stulberg, an award winning photographer. She became fast friends with him and his wife. She now retouches for her mentor and loves to show him new tricks. Spirit has worked for Victoria's Secret, La Senza, Skechers, Fanatics, Truest1 Creative & OneKreate. 

Spirit recently became a digital nomad and looks forward to working from all over the globe. In her free time she rescues pit bulls, rides only "spirited" horses, and loves to snorkel & scuba dive in Thailand, Mexico and the Balearic Islands.


“The sign of a good retoucher is no sign at all.”